Google’s Chromecast application is renamed to “Google Cast” Officially informed by Google office. Google says the updated app are available for download at both iOS and Android platform (within a week). Chromecast launched in marketing in 2013, Chromecast is low cost streaming device with fully loaded entertainment options, like Apple TV, Amazon TV, Roku Player. Chromecast is very easy to use and Wallet friendly as well, May be these are the reason why Chromecast dongle becomes the most popular streaming device in 2015.

Google is keep expending it’s streaming empire, In recent months, Google introduced a updated version of the chromecast as Chromecast 2, Which turns the stick design into new stylish round shape coin design. Along with this it also have the better option of connectivity. you have no need to adjust between wall and TV to put stick into USB port. Chromecast 2 comes with handy design with USB wire option, which help in setting up chromecast 2 in less time.


Chromecast Audio is also an alternate to play music from your media device to speakers without connectors and amplifier. Chromecast Audio also launched in 2013 with Chromecast 2. Chromecast Audio can turns any speaker with an AUX input into an Internet-connected device.


Chromecast products are compatible with all leading media devices like Sony, LG, Onkyo, Philips, Pioneer etc.Plus, Google Cast will be supported by the VIZIO’s new SmartCast P-Series displays and VIZIO soundbars and speakers. Now users can cast Netflix or Google Play Music from smartphone or tablet. And also can mirror internet on a big screen with the help of Chrome browser on laptop. P-Series TV will support Google Cast in Ultra HD (up to 4K) resolution and Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range content for bright and clear color selection for your eyes.

In addition to the new app, Google has launched an updated Google Cast website, too, which now includes a list of those speakers and TVs that support casting without extra accessories.

Download Google Cast or Chromecast Now and Enjoy the world of Movies and Music.