There is a huge discussion going on whether Chromecast is better or Chromecast Audio is. To find out the answer to this question, kindly read the below-mentioned blog post.

Chromecast And Chromecast Audio

While Google has been in the market increasing competitiveness, not only for others like Roku devices, but also for its own devices such as Google Chromecast. Chromecast audio has been launched aiming at audio speakers.

Its functionality is to connect to any dumb speaker with a 3.5mm jack and convert it into a smart speaker. While support has always been an issue with Roku, it has not been the same with google chrome since it has provided great support and self-help material to users.

Choosing the right one:

Now, what to buy, Chromecast or Chromecast audio? Both can be controlled by Google cast app meaning that usability form factor is almost same. While Chromecast can be used to stream and cast content in audio visual form from local devices as well as from the internet, if we use Chromecast audio after download Chromecast app, chances are that audio will seem to be more homogenous because all it does is stream audio from local and internet devices.

Major differences:

While after a Google cast extension download we can take a look at various features applied to Chromecast PC control. We can also use screen mirroring to show what is on computer screen to bigger screen, however Chromecast audio limits to only audio. Chromecast has a HDMI cable capable of outputting Audio visual after Chromecast app from your local device. However Chromecast audio has 3.5mm cables for transfer of audio from the internet or smartphone to local speakers.


We believe that both Chromecast and Chromecast audio are essential. With the help of Google cast, you can stream audio visual to bigger screen using Chromecast. Chromecast audio for your speaker system ensures that audio plays seamlessly unhindered when Chromecast audio is working on speaker. So for a speaker, get a Chromecast audio and for anything having a screen, go for Chromecast.

Chrome cast has been tried to be made into a singular app to control multiple google media devices. Chromecast audio has always been and will always be a subsidiary of Chromecast. Chromecast audio on its own has nothing like any flagship features in it instead it only picks out audio features of Chromecast and uses it. It can also be thought of as a clean rip off of Chromecast.

It surely offers a big price cut over Chromecast too and if audio is more important and prevalent in your region you must go for Chromecast audio for its sleek intuitive and fast response and features. However there is no one who would not want Chromecast. Chromecast must be taken for bigger screens at home to connect various devices to t simultaneously and share the video content we have with others.

Chromecast audio provides better quality of audio than Chromecast. Chromecast audio uses Toslink and DAC so it can set its quality of output. Chromecast on the other hand uses HDMI for HD streaming of content and a Dolby surround sound audio at maximum. Audio quality cannot be selected in Chromecast and it is solely dependent upon the host sending audio. Here Chromecast audio as a dedicated audio device gets the one up.

Chromecast audio has less usage of RAM so it has a 2GB RAM as opposed to Chromecast having 4GB RAM. While Chromecast audio has a DAC, Chromecast has just high quality digital audio output. So, depending on usage users can choose the best for them.