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Check out the four workarounds and hacks for Chromecast

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All Chromecast users. How is it going with your Chromecast device? Being one of the key products of Google, the streaming device has proven to be the top-notch product of the tech giant in the competitive market. By rendering the astounding features and services, Google’s streaming device has also become the fine source for having the best entertainment in your home.

With the classic streaming device, there is no doubt that you must have been having the dynamic streaming experience on your big screen. And to better your experience, we have come up with the four best workaround and hacks. Check them in the list below-

  • Casting of the screen to the full Desktop-Besides casting of the tabs, you can also cast the full screen to your big screen as well, all thanks to the screen casting. You can easily use this feature by tapping on the “Cast” button in the Chrome browser. The feature is a prime advantage for all those who wish and require sharing the full desktop with a room full of people.

Important things to know- There is a fine difference between the screen casting and tab casting: The former is only eligible to send the audio. So, if you head to play a video and then screen cast it to the TV, you will get the sound through the speakers of your computers, but not the TV speakers. You can access the feature for showing the web pages and photo slideshows.

  • Playing the local media of your computer– The only access to the video files and music is not the only prime intention of the tech giant. There is also the facility to play your favorite lineup of local media content from the computer. To do so, just head to unlock a locally stored media file, including torrented files, videos, and other footages in the browser or head to drag and drop the files on the Chrome application. If the file plays in the tab, it should work finely through the Chromecast. Head on to just click on the “Cast” browser extension button to easily send it to the Chromecast.

Important things to know- There could be a compromise in the quality of video cast from the tab. You could experience pixelated, hang-ups, lagging, and many issues, depending upon the strength of Wi-Fi network and the power of the device. And note that the feature only works in the desktop browser, as there is no facility of casting the tab from the Chrome app version.

  • Watching out the Shared Friend’s Videos-Apart from casting the free local media files, you can also watch out all your friends shared videos and music too (unless there is any requirement of the Quicktime plugin or Silverlight).

Important things to know- As it depends on the tab casting, you could get the same video quality bugs s mentioned above.

Apart from this, the feature is a very simple way to stream the content of other people’s shared media remotely. But, you should not expect any marvelous HD quality.

  • Settings for reliable and smoother playback-For streaming music, there is no requirement of the high-quality But, for the smoothness of videos, it’s necessary that your terminal power and strength of the wireless router is fine.

In the other factors, it also relies on the size of the media files. The higher quality video comes in, the larger files, and if the junk of data is flowing out of your wireless network, then you may wish to cut the traffic jam by making some adjustments in the settings. Just head on to tap the “Cast” button of the browser and then select the “Options” and then check out the section of the “Tab Projection quality.” There, you will get the selections for Extreme (720p high bitrate), Standard (480P), and High (720p). If the Extreme or High option is activated, and if you experience lag in the videos, then try out Standard option.

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