As we all know that how the fire of the going election spreading its heat rapidly among the people of United States, and voters across the nation are curious to get the final output 06 2016 presidential election. No doubt not only you but the eyes of maximum people is on the election war which is going between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Poll closing hours vary by the state but we would like to give warmth thanks to some creative mobile apps, you can receive real-time election results on your devices such as iPad, iPhone, Windows and Android. If you’re a Chromecast users then what else you need. You have the best streaming device which helps you to cast the election result.

Just Download Chromecast app, because we don’t want you to skip this election war. Many ideal social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SnapChat will be trekking ahead with round the clock coverage of 2016’s election that your vision can catch while you’re using your mobile or tablet etc.

So if you want then latest updates regarding polling plus to view the live-streaming news coverage than many mobile apps will help you out.  As we said earlier if you’ve got the Chromecast app, then no need to worry because you’ve got the good option which doesn’t let you miss any ongoing election activity.

Get the latest presidential elections and polling updates-

The Guardian Mobile App: If you want to keep your eyes on results of the presedential election, then trek ahead to this app and bring to your iOS and Android devices. You will get the latest updates of polling plus sends notifications to your lock screen of your phone as output come in on Tuesday night.

CNN Mobile App and Livestream: You need to download the free CNN app for your devices such as Apple, Android and Windows or you have an option of streaming the content live on your PC on CNNgo.com.

Facebook Live: As we all are familiar with this name, Facebook. Now whether you watch the Facebook live stream on your devices such as phone and laptop, there are several channels live streaming on the well-liked social network, counting CNN Politics, ABC News and PBS NewsHour (live stream begin hours vary, run your vision to the Facebook page for details).


U.S. Presidential Election 2016 News: All the android and iOS users can this app, this offers the extensive variety of election coverage, counting instant poll updates via Politico.

YouTube: No complication, simply you need to download the YouTube app on smartphone or tablet and grab the latest updates of election coverage (2016). On following YouTube channels you can check the live streaming coverage- Telemundo, Bloomberg, PBS, NBC News and even MTV News beginning at 7 p.m. ET.

CBS News Live App: Cable-free coverage begins at 6 a.m. ET on Tuesday. So if you’re user of Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android or iPhone, then you can stream the live content.

Poll Tracker: Poll Tracker not only offers you the final output but also give you the latest updates of polling for the Senate and House races as well as essential ballot question by the state.

Twitter:  We don’t think so the name Twitter needs any introduction. Those who already in this social networking site can get the chatter regarding Election Day plus Buzzfeed will stream the live result of the presidential election on Tuesday. Don’t skip to put hashtag #ElectionDay and #ElectionNight on your Twitter.

If you want to know the next president of the United States, the stay tuned to this war of presidential election, soon you will get the result. Poll closing hours vary across the nation, with some closing as early in dusk (around 6p.m.) according to New York Times. Rest Chromecast Free Download app will make you cast the live content of election result day. And being a user of Chromecast you have Chromecast Extension Download as well, or you can say another way to cast your favorite content.