I am sure Chromecast users would be happy with their Chromecast as their device now works with many apps. Recently, Chromecast has given support to numerous devices and apps which have increased their usability on a larger scale. Now is the time of Airfoil which is a MacOS app, that stream audio to multiple connected devices. This app had added Chromecast support. Well, this is not the first time any app is getting Chromecast support but let’s see what difference does it makes in Airfoil.



Let’s talk a bit about the Airfoil, it is providing MacOS and Window users a place where they can stream audio to multiple connected speakers. Airplay and Bluetooth are capable of performing cool things but don’t have vital features for whole home audio.


Sometimes pairing devices can be a bit of pain in the neck. For instance, you turn on Bluetooth and no device gets recognized and then you repeat again. In addition to this, your source device should be in close proximity to maintain the smooth connection.

Apart from this, Bluetooth has some great features but it lacks when it comes to whole-home or whole-office audio.


Airplay was a hit when it came and streaming audio and video wirelessly became so simple and effective with it.But if you are not the part of Apple family then you can play it. However, apps like Airfoil gave access to the Windows users the opportunity to Airplay. But the third party Airplay didn’t work like it worked on Apple devices.


Second thing is that Airplay is a device –restricted streaming that means when you play a song or video, it uses the resources on your device. It also requires you to keep the streaming app open and running all the time till it is been used on your device. It is not for ideal for multitasking and consumes lot of battery.

How Chromecast can help:

These issues are addressed by the Chromecast effectively. As Chromecast or Chromecast Audio has it’s own connection to the internet and also processing power, once Chromecast download gets completed. Plus resources from your phone doesn’t get used and once you start the music you can still go back to the task what you were doing on your device and for a better understanding of the process, you can ask for Chromecast Help. macappstoresplash_2x   mac-os-x

And seeing apps of Apple that are specially made for MacOS chose Google Cast API means that even Apple is aware of the success and excellence of the Chromecast.

However, the Airfoil for Windows doesn’t have this feature yet.Apple wants its customers to stay in-house with various features and UI elements. But various companies are getting Cast support into their apps this had proved that Chromecast has made a long leap in the market. And in future, we might be seeing more of it.

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