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Ahead of CES 2017, LG Brings its First Chromecast Compatible Monitor

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CES 2017 is coming near and keeping it in mind, LG today reveal its new range of monitors that will come with inbuilt Google Chromecast technology and Ultra display of 34UM79M 21:9. These monitors are said to be one of its kind with all the latest technology.

The monitor comes with a 34-inch screen, 1ms response time and Free Sync technology and these features make it a perfect release for the game lovers. The most wonderful and interesting feature of this monitor is in-built Google Chromecast technology that will allow you to stream any content right on your computer without plugging the actual device of Chromecast. Another feature of this monitor is Ultrawide and it will stream 4K content. With in-built Chromecast and the ability to play 4K content now, you can watch all existing and upcoming 4K content that is found in the apps that are Chromecast compatible like YouTube and Netflix.

For any kind of information regarding the streaming content supported Chromecast in LG monitors please contact Chromecast Support, Chromecast Help, and Support Chromecast.

LG has named its latest range of monitors as 34UM79M Ultrawide Mobile+ Monitors. With this latest technology monitor range, LG has made a move to direct the attention of those who are looking for 4K ultrawide monitors and the easiest and simplest way of streaming their favorite content.

This new range of monitors has been termed as mobile monitors by LG because these can be used as a monitor with your PC or laptop. Also, these can be used in combination with your mobile phone device for streaming the videos and games. There is also a Mobile+ companion application that is releasing with monitors for helping the users so as to maximum utilize the monitor. This app will help users in managing a variety of settings of the monitor such as turning up and down the display’s brightness of the monitor and the adjustment of the aspect ratio. This will help in enabling the competence to manage the volume of the monitor and the other handful features of settings of the monitor.

Another additional and interesting feature of the monitor is an in-built feature that has been named by LG as Dual Controller Plus. This feature makes possible to use a mouse or keyboard for controlling your mobile or PC.

The welcome feature of theses monitors is adding USB type C port. You can connect your compatible laptop to the monitor just by using a cable and take the advantage of using a bigger screen. Another benefit of doing this is that your laptop battery will also be charged.

The new range of monitors by LG will be showcased at CES 2017. The launch date and price range of theses monitors have not been revealed yet by LG. It looks like that LG will keep us waiting and on thinking about the pricing and other things about the monitor.

LG’s latest Ultrafine 4K and 5K displays will also showcase in coming CES.

The CES event will take place in Las Vegas from 5th to 8th January 2017.

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