Although Bluetooth speakers are in use from a long time and everyone would have supposed that how they have a monopoly and are advanced over Chromecast audio yet there are many advantages of Chromecast audio over Bluetooth which need to be addressed. As we know that Chromecast audio is not just another hardware, but we also have to find the Chromecast download for our devices, a sort of app for the hardware which Bluetooth doesn’t need.

Chromecast Audio

For old devices, which are not smartphones, Bluetooth is the only option left for audio streaming. Chromecast app download lets us use our mobile device as a remote and not a data supplier so battery drainage is quiet less as compared to Bluetooth which fetches data from mobile phone all the time.

Limitations of Bluetooth audio:                  

Many PCs and laptops don’t support voice over Bluetooth protocol so their audio might not be stream able over Bluetooth speakers but once we do Chromecast extension download in our PC or Laptop connected to any router via Wi-Fi we can access Chromecast immediately, hence giving us flexibility to use older devices to stream Chromecast audio too which was a backdrop of Bluetooth.

All we have to do  is download Chromecast as an extension in google chrome and have to enable it, giving us the ability to cast audio playing in the tab which we have opened right then to Chromecast audio.

Pros of Chromecast audio:

Google Cast download is ahead by leaps and bounds when it comes to audio streaming quality. Chromecast enables us to hone Wi-Fi connection for streaming audio. Older Wi-Fi versions 802.11bg is more than enough to stream lossless audio flawlessly hence maintaining the quality and bitrate of audio output and even ensuring that audio doesn’t get stuck while playing. On the other hand, the latest Bluetooth, i.e., Bluetooth 4.1 has a speed capped at maximum of 21Mbps and audio devices such as Bluetooth speakers still use Bluetooth version 2.0, 2.1 having lower data transfer speeds so it is impossible to stream lossless audio over the air to those devices.

You can get Chromecast free download link on the web. A generic 266 kbps audio is stream able with some audio quality losses. Developers tried to use a technology called apX to boost up audio quality over the Bluetooth given that streaming device and Bluetooth speaker are apX certified but as market is competitive so lower budget Bluetooth devices are not apX certified, even apple devices don’t have Bluetooth over the air.

Even if both devices are apX certified, it’s a hit and a miss chance if apX will work or not as it is not guaranteed to increase quality every time we connect. As whole time our device is streaming audio, there is a chance that battery will die too but in case of Chromecast audio we can also switch off our cell phone and we only need it just to stop streaming. However Chromecast audio needs an outside audio source such as a Wi-Fi router through which it can fetch audio to stream and Bluetooth speaker just needs Bluetooth speaker and audio from phone and however it is a self-sufficient technology hence it is successful if we need to make audio calls via Bluetooth.

Pros of Bluetooth:

As Bluetooth is readily available in all devices all we have to do is connect two devices and start streaming whereas Chromecast audio is a dedicated hardware which needs its own software to run such as Chromecast download PC. It runs quite effectively on the PC, so you won’t have any problem.