How can you enable and disable the Chromecast network notifications on Android?

Chromecast network notifications on Android

All Chromecast users, Are you doing great with your Chromecast device? Being one of the top products of Google, the streaming device has been a fine performer in all the streaming devices in the market. By rendering the best features and services, the streaming device has also been the classic choice for all the streamers around the globe.

With the high intensity of competition and technology, Google has been on its feet to continuously upgrade its lineup of Chromecast devices with the exclusive lineup of features and functions to render the better streaming experience to all the users. In the lineup of all the features, the most appealing feature of the Chromecast device is that it allows the users to stream their favorite bunch of content on their big screen with the fine Google services.

Apart from the big screen, the Google’s streaming device is also compatible with other devices like tablets and mobile devices, which makes the steaming device a great source of entertainment.

As you are pretty aware that the Chromecast device is an ultimate casting platform, but the Google home companion app has not gotten a long awaited update to make it quite better. Still, one of the irritating complaints was with the Chromecast network notifications, which permitted the users to control the playback of any Chromecast device on the network, even if the playback is not started by them on the device. Ultimately, you have to end up getting the number of many playback notifications if you are accessing a busy network.

But, now you can head on to prevent these notifications from getting displayed on the other devices, which means that no one would be allowed to mess with your choice of music when they are not even listening to it. You will get the update in the form of a toggle switch that just permits you to easily disable all the network notifications for the Google Home and Chromecast.

Now, you must be thinking how to do that? Well, check out these step-by-step guide-

  • Firstly, head on to unlock the Google Home app.
  • After that, just click the Devices button in the screen’s top right-hand corner.
  • Now, just scroll through the list of all the devices to search out the device that you would wish to stop sending the notifications.
  • After that, head on to click the menu button on the card for your device.
  • Now, head to the Device Info and turn off the “let others control your casted media.

In both the updates, there is a slight difference. Before, you were only able to disable the notifications on a device-by-device basis. And now, you can easily disable all the network notifications. So, you can now head to start the playback on a Chromecast device and notifications will not trouble you any more on the other devices on the network.

If you don’t see the toggle switch, then head to check if there is any update available for the Google Home app.  Apart from this, you can also head on to control or not the pop up of the Chromecast notifications on your device, and here are some of the ways you can do this.

Check out the simplest way to stop the Chromecast notifications on your device-    

  • Head on to unlock the Settings app.
  • Now in the “Personal” section, just head to click Google, and then hit the “Cast media controls”
  • After that head to turn off the slider.
  • For re-enabling the cast media controls, just follow the similar steps and then switch on the slider back.

If the problem still arises, just head to the professionals for better guidance and assistance.

Grab the best Chromecast deals available right now

Grab the best Chromecast deals available right now

All Chromecast users, how is it going with your Google’s Chromecast device? Being one of the ultimate products of Google, the Chromecast streaming device has been a good performer in the category of all the streaming devices in the market. By providing the astonishing features and classic services, the streaming device has also been able to become the keys source for providing the favorite entertainment on the big screen.

With the growing competition and changing trend, Google has been adopting the changes coming its way as a challenge to maintain the position of its streaming device in the market. In this way, Google is keep coming with the exclusive lineup of features and functions to enhance the streaming experience and performance of the streaming device.

Apart from all the features, one of the appealing factors about the Chromecast device is that it renders the ability to cast your favorite content on the big screen with the ultimate Google services. Having a Chromecast device on your side is the fine way to have the best entertainment on your side. The best part is that you can simply control your Chromecast with your Google app.

Besides your Chromecast device, if you have got a fine Google home audio system, then using up a Bluetooth speaker or heading to your phone through an aux cable to get the Spotify playlist could not be a satisfying experience. But you don’t need to worry as there is Chromecast Audio, which is the best way to turn out you quality speakers into a streaming system. The price of the fine device has been dropped by $25.

As the Amazon Prime Day is going on with the best deals for all the consumers, Google head to cut down the prices of its lineup of mainstreaming devices to compete with the mighty Amazon offers. So, if you are still about to bring the entertaining Chromecast in your home, then this is the best time for you, as a fresh bunch of Chromecast deals are waiting for you.

The most happening news around the Chroemcast deals is that the Currys has discounted the Chromecast device for one day only, just bringing down the price from £30 R.R.P to £19- that is a £11 saving. But, most of the major retailers including the rival John Lewis have still priced the media streaming device for full £30 listed price.

With the Chromecast, the classic Google Home speaker has also got discounted with the best price. Check out all the latest deals which are available right now for both Google devices-

So, don’t wait for too long, as the deal is not available for a long time, just head straight to bring the ultimate Google devices in your smart home.

Check out the four workarounds and hacks for Chromecast

Check out the four workarounds and hacks for Chromecast

All Chromecast users. How is it going with your Chromecast device? Being one of the key products of Google, the streaming device has proven to be the top notch product of the tech giant in the competitive market. By rendering the astounding features and services, Google’s streaming device has also become the fine source for having the best entertainment in your home.

With the classic streaming device, there is no doubt that you must have been having the dynamic streaming experience on your big screen. And to better your experience, we have come up with the four best workaround and hacks. Check them in the list below-

  • Casting of the screen to the full Desktop- Besides casting of the tabs, you can also cast the full screen to your big screen as well, all thanks to the screen casting. You can easily use this feature by tapping on the “Cast” button in the Chrome browser. The feature is a prime advantage for all those who wish and require to share the full desktop with a room full of people.

Check out the four workarounds and hacks for Chromecast

Important things to know- There is a fine difference between the screen casting and tab casting: The former is only eligible to send the audio. So, if you head to play a video and then screen cast it to the TV, you will get the sound through the speakers of your computers, but not the TV speakers. You can access the feature for showing the web pages and photo slideshows.

  • Playing the local media of your computer– The only access to the video files and music is not the only prime intention of the tech giant. There is also the facility to play your favorite lineup of local media content from the computer. To do so, just head to unlock a locally stored media file, including torrented files, videos, and other footages in the browser or head to drag and drop the files on the Chrome application. If the file plays in the tab, it should work finely through the Chromecast. Head on to just click on the “Cast” browser extension button to easily send it to the Chromecast.

Important things to know- There could be a compromise in the quality of video cast from the tab. You could experience pixelated, hang-ups, lagging, and many issues, depending upon the strength of Wi-Fi network and the power of the device. And note that the feature only works in the desktop browser, as there is no facility of casting the tab from the Chrome app version.

  • Watching out the Shared friend’s Videos- Apart from casting the free local media files, you can also watch out all your friends shared videos and music too (unless there is any requirement of the Quicktime plugin or Silverlight).

Important things to know- As it depends on the tab casting, you could get the same video quality bugs s mentioned above.

Apart from this, the feature is a very simple way to stream the content of other people’s shared media remotely. But, you should not expect any marvelous HD quality.

  • Settings for reliable and smoother playback- For streaming music, there is no requirement of the high-quality But, for the smoothness of videos, it’s necessary that your terminal power and strength of the wireless router is fine.

In the other factors, it also relies on the size of the media files. The higher quality video comes in, the larger files, and if the junk of data is flowing out of your wireless network, then you may wish to cut the traffic jam by making some adjustments in the settings. Just head on to tap the “Cast” button of the browser and then select the “Options” and then check out the section of the “Tab Projection quality.” There, you will get the selections for Extreme (720p high bitrate), Standard (480P), and High (720p). If the Extreme or High option is activated, and if you experience lag in the videos, then try out Standard option.

How To Rectify The Latest Netflix Streaming Error On Chromecast Device?

Latest Netflix Streaming Error On Chromecast Device

Netflix app for Chromecast is developed with the purpose to control the app contents from the android or apple phone itself. Moreover, if you have configured Chromecast extension download on Google chrome cast setup, then you can send the contents from your computer to the TV even.

Now, in this blog post, we will share some important troubleshooting tips with you if you are facing the Netflix streaming problem with your Chromecast setupIf you are among the one, who is facing the similar issue, then do read the contents of this blog post.

  • Make sure that you have updated the firmware of your iOS or android phone: If you are using your smartphone to watch the Netflix contents through it, then you must check for an update of your phone OS. The updated version of OS is preferred for streaming the contents from the channel. If you are an android user, then your phone OS should be 4.0 or higher.
  • Chromecast and your mobile phone must be connected to the identical network: If your Chromecast is connected to the different wireless network than that of your phone, then it will not cast the contents anymore from your phone, unless and until it is connected to the identical Wi-Fi network as this network will act as a medium of communication for both the devices. 
  • Cast Extension is a must on Chrome browser: You have the option to watch videos and other contents from your laptop or another local device. For such cases, you require a chrome cast extension in your chrome browser. 
  • The name of your Chromecast must be without Special characters: All the special characters like hashtag, comma, and apostrophe must be absent from the Chromecast name otherwise, the app will not recognize it. If you want to change the name of your Chromecast later, then you can contact Chromecast support team for the same. Launch the app again after changing the name of your Chromecast device.
  • Netflix app should be updated: If you are unaware of the current version of your Netflix app, then open the app from the phone settings by tapping on apps and check the current version of Netflix app. If you are using this app on the android device, then the latest version coming with such OS is 2.4. You can even check for updates from your mobile phone app store as well. The latest version of apple phones is 4.2.
  • Is cast icon appearing on the screen or other apps working smoothly or not? Check whether you are able to cast contents from other apps or not. If the same problem exists with the other apps even, then turn off your device and restart it after 10 seconds. If the problem still exists, then call at Chromecast support number provided on the site.
  • Error message on the screen that hints you to update a Netflix app: If you find such message appearing on the screen, then perform the following troubleshooting steps:
  • Check the version of the app and see if it properly updated or not: Updating an app through third party sources may create the streaming issue because some files in the update can be corrupted or missing, which result in malfunctioning of your Netflix app.
  • Check the OS version of your mobile device: After downloading and installing the latest OS version on your phone. If the Chromecast still not cast the contents to the screen, then it means that there is something wrong with the Chromecast only. You need to contact Chromecast support team in such case.

How to setup Chromecast for Windows 10?

How to setup Chromecast for Windows 10

How are you doing with your Google’s streaming device? Since the launch, Google Chromecast has marked its position as one of the key streaming devices in the competitive market. By using the chromecast device with your TV, you must be having the best streaming experiencing on your TV with the support of fine Google services.

With the growth of the competition and the technology, Google has always involved in upgrading its Chromecast streaming device with the exclusive features and functions to render the quality streaming experience to all the users out there.

Besides using the Google’s streaming device with your TV, you can also use the streaming device with your PC. There is no doubt that many of you would have been using the streaming device with your PC. If you got the latest Windows 10 OS on your PC, then check out the facile steps to setup the chromecast for Windows 10.

Before heading for the setup, check out some of the important things-

The first requirement is a display device with a compatible HDMI input, for instance, an HDTV (High-definition television).

There should be the availability of accessing the power outlet or a USB port on the HDMI-enabled display.

A secure, safe, and reliable wireless network is also one of the prime need before the setup. (Ensure that you have got the correct password of the wireless network).

For the 1st generation Chromecast, head to connect with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G network and for the Chromecast, head to connect to a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac4/5G network.

Now, the prime requirement is a compatible Mac, iOS or Android tablet or device, Chromebook computer or Windows.

Important Note: The setup of the compatible iOS, tablet, or Android must provide the support of a 5Ghz connection to setup the chromecast on the 5Ghz connection. 

Setup steps for setting up the Chromecast for Windows 10-

windows 10

The steps of the setup can use for the 2 Chromecast devices- Chromecast 1st generation or Chromecast ultra. Check out the steps below. (Ensure that you must use the Chrome browser and not any other browser).

Setting up the 1st Generation Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra

The first thing you are required to make sure is that you are using the latest version of the Chrome. To update your chrome version, head to “Settings, then About Google Chrome” and then head to Update your Chrome browser to the new version.     

After updating your Chrome version, just head to tap the set up your Chromecast by using your PC.

After tapping, the Chrome will check out for all the Chromecast devices that require the setup.

Now, head on to tap on that device which matches up with the Chromecast name that you witness on the TV. The name could be like the ChromecastXXXX. After that just tap on the Set Me Up.   

The setup will attempt to link to the Wi-Fi hotspot of your Chromecast device. If the connection gets successful, just move on to the next step. And if it gets unsuccessful, you will have to link manually to the Wi-Fi hotspot of your Chromecast For the manual way, just head to your Wi-Fi menu and then choose the Wi-Fi network that matches up with the name of your Chromecast device.

Important Note- Before you move to the next step, just ensure that the device is properly linked with the Wi-Fi hotspot. To get connected, this can take some time. Even you will also witness the failure in the internet connection for a short time, which is an expected thing to happen.

After this, head to tap the Next button.

The code that you will get on your screen should match the code on your TV. If it does match, then just tap the “Yes” option and if not, head to tap the “No” button and then kick start the setup process from the step 5.

Head to change up the name of your Chromecast by entering a new name, or you can keep the default name. Just head to select the country. After that, just tap the Looks Good

Now, head to select the Wi-Fi network by easily tapping the upside down arrow. Now, head to enter the password and then tap Connect.

The whole setup will again try to link to the Wi-Fi network directly. If it gets successful, just head to the step 13. And if it is not successful, head to the Wi-Fi menu and then select the same Wi-Fi network that you picked up at step        

Note: Ensure that you have properly linked to the Wi-Fi network before you head to the next step.

  • Now, head to type the Next
  • After the setup gets completed, you will witness the full list of all the available devices to cast your content.  

Still, if you counter any tech error with the process, just head to the professionals to get the proper guidance and solutions.

How to cast video from the Chromecast supported apps to the big screen?


All, chromecast users, how is it going with your Google’s streaming device? Being the product of the Google, the chromecast streaming devices has embarked itself as the prime player in the streaming devices category in the market. By rendering the ability to cast all the favorite content from the web directly to the big screen, Chromecast has also caught the eyeballs of many users as the supreme entertaining source for all the users around the world.

In the fast-moving technology and competition, Google has always involved regarding the upgrading of the Chromecast with the exclusive features and functions to provide the best watching experience to all the users. With the ability to cast your favorite content on the big screen is the easy way to access all your favorite apps on the big screen. For controlling the streaming device, you can head on to the option of using a tablet or mobile phone and can easily control every function of the streaming device.

If you are a new starter with the chromecast device, then here are the facile steps to cast the video from the Chromecast supported apps to your big screen.

Pre-casting steps

  • The first step is to link the mobile device, computer, or any compatible tablet to a stable Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, you are required to ensure that the computer, tablet, or the mobile device is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast or the Chromecast built-in TV. Note: If your guest wishes to cast any video without being on your Wi-Fi network, then reach out to the experts for regarding this query to get better assistance.
  • Do ensure that the chromecast supported app has the upgraded version. You can get the update of the app in the Apple app store or Google play store.

Casting video from the Chromecast-enabled apps to the big screen

  • The first step is to link the mobile device, computer, or any compatible tablet to a stable Wi-Fi network.
  • Head on to unlock the Chromecast-enabled app.
  • Now, you will be required to click the Cast button. Note: The location of the Cast button is not fixed in all the Chromecast supported apps.
  • Now, head on to click on that particular device that you wish to cast.
  • After getting linked, you will see that the cast button is showing the color, which ensures that device is linked.
  • Now, you can cast the movies, TV shows, and videos to your TV.
  • For stopping out the casting, just click the Cast button and then Disconnect.

Search out for your lineup of content to cast

To cast the lineup of content, just head to the Google Home app, and click the Discover tab to search out all your favorite stuff on the chromecast supported apps.

Note: You can also cast the videos from the laptop on the websites of Chromecast-enabled apps.

In the case, if you have got two or more availability of outlying networks, then there chances that your Android device may get auto switch according to the signal strength of the networks. This can put an impact on the visibility of Cast button in the apps.

If you wish to ignore the auto-switching, then all the Android users will require to head to the Wi-Fi settings and Forget the second network to make sure that the Android device linked with the same network like the Chromecast built-in TV or Chromecast.

How to fix up the chromecast device connection bug?

chromecast bug

How is it going with your chromecast device? There is no doubt that the Google’s streaming device has been one of the top class streaming devices in the market. Its lineup of fascinating features and services has been rendering the classic streaming experience to all the users around the world. If you are one of the new users of the streaming device, then don’t forget to download chromecast extension in order to let the streaming device to cast the content on your big screen. After the downloading of the extension, you will be able to stream all your favorite content on the big screen.

Being one of the prime products of Google, the streaming device has always been under the improvement scanner of the company in terms of getting upgraded with the latest features and functions. This is the reason that the streaming device is being a fair competitor against the top class competitors.

Apart from the features and services, it’s always been amazing to stream your favorite content with the help of Google services on the big screen. Having the Google services with the chromecast is also one of the key reason that the streaming gets easy with the Google’s top device. But, there are some of the instances when there is the connection issue with the device you try to connect the streaming device.

This is the reason we are here with the solutions to fix up the connection bug with your device.

Head on to rebooting of the chromecast device

Simply rebooting the chromecast device resolve many of the issues. There are actually two ways you can reboot the device.

Option 1- Google Home app

1. Firstly, you need to ensure that the tablet or mobile device is being linked to the same Wi-Fi as the chromecast device.

2. Now, you need to unlock the Google Home app.

3. After that, you will need to click Devices option in the top right of the screen in order to view all the available chromecast devices.

4. Now, if you are willing to reboot, simply head on to the top right side of the screen and then click the device card menu and then Settings.

5. Now, you will need to head on to the Device Settings page in the top right corner, and then click the More button, followed by Settings.

Option 2

  • Simply head on to unplug the power cord from your chromecast device.
  • Now, just leave it unplugged for around 1 minute
  • After that simply plug in the power cord to the chromecast device.

After applying these options, if you still get any kind of tech bug, then you can get in touch with the experts for better guidance and solutions.

Google is adding up the option to control the broadcast notifications

Google is adding up the option to control the broadcast notifications

How is it going with your chromecast device? There is no doubt that the Google’s streaming device has marked up its fine place in the streaming device in the market. With the bunch of astounding features and services, chromecast has managed to be the ultimate entertaining source for all the potential users across the local boundaries.

Google has always been quite active in terms of improving and raising the standard of the performance and user experience by upgrading the device in terms of features and other options. In all the upgrades, one of the fine upgraded features is the chromecast network notifications which renders you all the notifications related to all the networks that work with the streaming device, ultimately giving you the ease of watching your favorite content on your preferred network.

Basically, the feature sounds a pretty good option for all the users out there to manage their preferred networks and content in a fine way. You can easily control the media if you actually not watching or listening to the content, and you can also end up the multiple notifications on the very busy network. In order to ease out the controlling of the feature, Google is now adding up the option which will allow you to control the feature by turning it Off/On. This will also help you to power all the network notifications for the chromecast device or for your Google home.

On the previous stage, you were only allowed and able to disable the notifications on the basis of each device. So, it was like each person was required to head to their Google settings in order to switch off the notifications. On the basis of the Google Chromecast support page, it has been witnessed that the Google home app has got a toggle which is able to disable all the notifications for all the content on the level of the network. Now, there will be no media notification on the casting of any device for anyone on the preferred network. We have come up with the fine way to do it. Check out the following steps in order to do it.

1) The first thing which you will need to do is to unlock the Google home app.

2) Now, you will require heading to the top right corner screen of the home, and then click Devices in order to view all the available Chromecast devices.

3) Now, you need to search out a portable device card for your streaming device that you are willing to protect in the case of sending out the cast notifications.

4) Head on to click the Device card menu in the device card’s top right corner.

5) Now head on to the Device Info and under it, simply switch off the option of “Let other control your casted media”.

Till now, there is no official confirmation regarding the toggle, which seems to appear soon.

Chromecast users can do these things

Chromecast users can do these things

As we all are aware of Chromecast, those who are using this device we no need to tell them about the best functionally and astounding features of this device. Simply Chromecast Free Download app will let you stream your favorite content via different and well-liked streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube etc. Here we have few things, and you will be glad to know that your Chromecast can do these things. Cheek it out.

  • Game Time Decisiongame-time-decision

It’s not a PlayStation 4, but the Chromecast can let you play some amazing family games. Check your trivia wisdom with Trivia Bash, get your channel on with Just Dance Now, or serve up some homesickness with Sonic Jump Fever. Download games for your Android or iOS device so you can use them as a controller, while the game runs on your television. Several games for Chromecast can be found on Google Play alone. So, what are you waiting for? Now you should Download Chromecast app.

  • Attractive as a PictureAttractive as a Picture

Use your own images—or select from Google’s selection of beautiful art, landscape photography, and satellite pictures—to switch up your Chromecast backdrop. In the Google Home app, navigate to the Devices tab and choose the Chromecast you wish to personalize. In the top-right corner, make a tap on hamburger menu and choose Backdrop Settings. There, you can lift up a photo from Google Photos, Facebook albums, or Flickr, or opt to display news, weather, art, or satellite pictures.

  • Photos

Similarly, Chromecast can serve as a modern-day option to the old-school slideshow; no projectors here. Google images grip the Chromecast support, so you can cast your pics from Google images on Android, iOS, and PC to your television. Look for the Cast icon on the top of the Google Photos icon and make a tap so you can link.  Meanwhile, if you’re new to Chromecast then let us tell that Chromecast Extension Download is another way to stream your content.

  • Spotifyspotify

If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can stream soundtracks via Chromecast. Ensure your device is on the similar Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast. Open the Spotify app, play a soundtrack, choose Devices Available, and then do a selection of Chromecast. It should work with new and the previous Chromecast.

  • Quiet Time

If you watch something on your television but don’t want the sound to become a cause of disturbance for others, then download LocalCast for Android. It lets you cast content to your TV screen, and plug in some earphones or headphones. Note: the app description gives caution that it’s I beta and might be buggy. Rest your Chromecast App Download will make you stream your favorite content from different streaming services.

  • Drive-In Movies

One of the main complaints about this streaming device is that it does not support local media playback, so you cannot make a tap into content you have saved in the cloud. But with media management app Plex, you can cast soundtracks, motion pictures, and images through Chromecast. Plex arranges your dispersed content and lets you watch it from tablets, phones, and televisions etc. For more assistance, you also contact professionals.

  • Android Selfie

On Android, you can mirror your Android device to your TV, means you can cast whatever you enjoy on your phone to the TV. It’s recently available on many devices with Android 4.4.2 (KitKat MR1).